Openwell Submersible Pump

"Vivaas" Openwell Submersible pumps are designed to deliver best hydraulic efficiency in fluctuation voltage contions. The pumpset works under water and built with quality water lubricated parts. The moter must be failled with clear, cold drinking water before installation. Vivaas openwell pumps are available in boyj 1 phase and 3 phase. The models are also available in both horizontal and vertical type mounting

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Borewell Submersible Pump

"Vivaas" Borewell Submersible pumps are Constructed with high quality materials which makes our pumps highly durable. Using of dynamically balanced rotors ensures vibration free and noise free operations of motor, which increases its life. Specially designed thrust bearings are used to axial thrust load with minimum wear and tear. These Pumps are specifically designed to work under various voltage conditions and offers best possible discharge.

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Self-Priming Pump

>"Vivaas" Regenerative self priming pumbs are made for house hold water supply, lawns and portable application. The pumbs are specifically designed to deliver best hydraulic efficiency. Using of high quality materials ensures the high performance and low temperature rise in various voltage conditions.

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We have absolutely the latest in technology for the manufacturing of our products. Our fully equipped separate quality control department ensures that all products manufactured are of International quality standards.



we strongly believe in Quality Management. Our commitment to Timely Deliveries, Quality Management and Competitive Pricing is unmatched, thereby keeping you always ahead of your competitors.


Vision & Motto

Our vision is to satisfy the needs of our dear and valued customers. Our quality policy is pivoted on customer's perceptions of a product's design and how well the design matches the original specifications.


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